Small Business Web Design

Why Websites Are Essential for Small Businesses

“Do I need a website?” Most business owners have asked themselves this question at some point. The definitive answer is yes, it’s especially important for small businesses today to have a strong presence online. This means creating a high-quality, informational, and visually appealing website, not just a Facebook page. 

While social media accounts are beneficial, you’re able to customise and pack far more information into a website, which you can then link to your socials and vice versa. For your convenience, we’ve gathered the primary reasons why having a website is essential to any small business’s success:


Increase Your Visibility

One of the greatest benefits of small business websites is that they increase your overall visibility. A website creates new opportunities to increase customers, all while explaining what it is you do and how they can get in touch with you. It’s tough for your business to succeed when nobody knows you’re out there!

Having a website will also help people find your physical business. In fact, data shows that 86% of people search for the location of businesses through Google Maps. Having a website then ups your chances of being discovered, which is essential to growing your business and brand. 


Add Revenue Streams

Have you been struggling with how to increase revenue for your business? Sometimes the key is to increase your streams of revenue, rather than focusing on just one way of making money. With a website, you can give your customers the option of purchasing your products or enlisting your services online from the comfort of their own home. 

As we’ve seen in recent times, relying solely on one stream of revenue can put your business at risk. Why not diversify your income using a website with eCommerce capabilities?


Improve Customer Service

Having a website will greatly improve your customer service abilities. With a website, you can answer questions from current and potential customers with ease. This will save people from having to go to your business in person. As a result, people will feel more comfortable in reaching out with inquiries, rather than searching for another business to help them. 


Set Yourself Apart

According to the Telstra Small Business Intelligence Report, approximately half of all small businesses in Australia don’t have a website. This creates an opportunity for business owners to set themselves apart from their competitors in a way that’s both affordable and effective. If someone is searching online for services or products you offer, being the first (or only) website to show up is a massive competitive advantage.


Establish Your Reputation

A professional website with lots of information, high-quality design, and colourful images will go a long way in establishing your reputation as a business. 

A great website shows potential customers that you’re reliable, serious, and committed to what you do. It shows that you’re willing to put in the effort to reach people. Most importantly, it helps assure people that your business is legitimate and not a scam.


CI Websites Premium Website Design

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